Power 26-104 High-Performance Lithium Battery


Built with superior intelligence and protection circuitry, this superior quality, high-performance battery provides 2,685Wh (104Ah) from just 53.6lb. It requires a charger (sold separately). You can plug and play with the Cruise’s onboard computer. Just plug the cable in and you’re done. No major setup requirements.

A water sensor lets you know when the battery is submerged and automatically switches the voltage off at the poles. This avoids potential formation of detonating gas, a major safety benefit, in case water gets into the boat. There is double protection with isolatable poles for safe transport, installation and preventing unintentional discharge.

The battery design involves safety cells offering multiple protection. Individual battery cells have welded steel cylinders equipped with multiple hardware safety mechanisms. The battery management system (BMS) provides additional protection and balancing functions for a long battery life. All safety functions have redundant backup due to one-fault safety


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